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Marketing Mentor

A marketing mentorship programme for young, inexperienced marketers who are new to their jobs, in either assistant or even at Brand management level


Marketing Methods

A Marketing Training workshop/seminar for Non-Marketing Managers and Entrepreneurs. marketingmattersmm is developing a one or two day training workshop designed to inform managers who work in non-marketing functions about the basics of marketing.


Marketing Mission

Empassioned facilitation of workshops to create an effective, meaningful vision for the brand/business. It is critical to develop a jointly created and mutually agreed vision of the brand or company. This Vision and Mission creates the lynch pin around which all other strategic thinking is formulated. It is also the gold standard against which all implementation plans are created and measured.


Marketing Matrix

In order to implement an effective marketing communication plan on time and budget, based on a dynamic and well thought out marketing strategy, it is imperative that the liaison between organisations and their marketing service suppliers is effective.


Marketing Mix

We develop and implement marketing strategies and plans from product idea to marketing communication; Taking into account how each element of the Marketing Mix communicates your brand message to the consumer and key stakeholders.


Marketing Modernization

1. Innovation processes

This service encompasses a series of processes/tools to stimulate and nurture innovation ideas. Innovation and creativity are vital to business growth. Tom Peters says that he rates Innovation as a TOP 10 idea in his latest book "The Little BIG Things". He recommends that the following value be placed formally in all business value statements. "Research is Everybody's Preoccupation."


Marketing Minds

We manage marketing research projects that will provide greater insights into how your consumer or customer thinks and behaves. Using well established, reputable research companies like Nielsens, we will initiate and manage the projects, assist in the analysis of the results and develop the strategies that will create practical solutions to your customer’s needs.

Marketing Metrics

We conduct marketing/brand audits of your business or brand, manage access to commissioned and tracking research resources like AMPS to measure the current and future impact of your marketing plans on your business. We help you determine the statistics in your business and industry that you should be tracking and put measures in place to monitor these on an ongoing basis.

Marketing Motivation

Customised sales and marketing motivational workshops that will both educate and inspire your management team or staff about your company’s vision for the future.  We use both theory and practical interactive presentations to engage staff in the process.

"There are 5 ways triumph can be known;

  1. Those who know when to challenge and when not to challenge.
  2. Those who recognise how to use the numerous and the few.
  3. Those who agree on superior and inferior objectives
  4. Those who prepare to lie in wait for the unprepared.
  5. Those who lead without interference from a Ruler. Those who know these five and the Tao (way), will triumph."


Sun Tzu - The Art of War